While the city pays for the barn that houses the horses and the salaries of the officers that care for them,

it does not pay for the…HORSES!

What would our proud Mounted Unit be without horses?

The Friends of The Cleveland Mounted Police, in partnership with The Cleveland Mounted Police Charitable Trust, pays for all of the horse related expenses, including veterinary care, food, training, and a wide variety of necessary equipment. Thanks to generous folks like you, The FCMP has purchased many new saddles, uniforms, rain gear, helmets, blankets, and many supplies too numerous to mention. It costs approximately $5,000 per year to support each horse in the unit.

We THANK YOU for your interest and generous support! Please send your donations to:

Friends of the Cleveland Mounted Police

1109 Carnegie Ave (Second Floor)

Cleveland, OH


You may also donate online by selecting the “Donate” button below.
Your support is greatly appreciated.

Spur – $10.00

Boot – $25.00

Reins – $50.00

Get in the Saddle – $100.00

Show Your Sheild – $250.00

Troop Leader – $500.00