“When you are on a great horse, you will have the best seat you will ever have.”


The distinct capabilities of the
Cleveland Mounted Police
are a huge asset to our police force, community, and citizens on several fronts:

A mounted officer breaks down barriers between the police and public. The horse attracts and engages people. They pet, feed, kiss, and talk to the animal while discussing him/her and connecting with the rider.

Mounted officers walk slower, and can observe, smell and hear things that a patrol car can miss. People approach and tell them of things that they don’t have a chance to tell a patrol car.

The mounted officer can get to remote locations and through situations that a patrol car cannot. From their elevated position, they are highly visible, and can search and oversee far more than an officer on foot. In a crowd situation, one properly trained mounted officer team is as effective as 20 officers on foot.

Not only are mounted police outstanding patrol officers, they serve among Cleveland’s finest good will ambassadors to citizens and visitors.